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Where to begin....


First let start by saying scooters are not the same.   Think of it as cars, would you go to a Ford dealership looking for Chevy part.   So a TAOTAO is not the same part as a Vespa.  Best practice we have found is always bring your old parts to match.  You have to change it anyways, so take it off.  That way you are guaranteed to get the correct part.


Second, know what you are driving.  Don't tell me 50cc scooter, that tells me nothing.  Year Make Model

2016 Wolf RX 50 for example.   If you had a 1963 Chevy Corvette you would even know the compression ratio.  There is no vin number look up on scooters, except for KYMCO, that we can look up! 

Third - If you do need a repair.  We require a fee up front when you bring your bike in.  When we call you with a close estimated cost of repair, that fee will be deducted from the final bill.  If you say no repair then that  fee is the cost to diagnose you scooter. 

KYMCO 300 x town

KYMCO 300 x town